Pointers - What to and What Not to.

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Pointers - What to and What Not to.

Post by Sly on Fri May 17, 2013 12:18 pm

What to..
- Show respect equally towards everyone.
- Keep the feeling of brotherhood.
- Utter honesty with club and it's members, they rely on you.
- Be there for your brother, whatever happens.
- Always address yourselves as Harley enthusiast motorcycle club.
- Club matters, stays in club.
- Church discussions never leaves the room.
- Attend all the churches.
- Give out honest vote, never let your judgement be effected by anything else.
- Be there for your club, you all are brothers but still give respect to officers- they've earned it.
- Respect everyone's personal life and their families.

What not to..
- Don't mess with anyone's old lady.
- Do not enter church unless summoned or a patch holder.
- Stay with your brothers, unless you have something way more important to do.
- Don't miss on paying your dues to club unless in jail or something really bad.
- Don't keep your ink if got excommunicated from the club on bad standings.
- Solve out your differences with another club member at church or with a fist fight, don't bring anything or anyone else into it.
- Never choose anything else over the club.
- Never let anyone take your cut, even at gun point.
- Never mention club's 'OUTLAW' status to anyone outside.
- Don't create un-necessary troubles or at least not without letting every member present know of it.
- Don't break formation while riding.
- Don't ask for your top-rocker as prospect or any other patches as patched member. You'll earn it not beg for it.
- Don't wear your cut to any situation where you think you shouldn't be seen into it.


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