Richard McCleary - Veteran

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Richard McCleary - Veteran

Post by Flip on Wed May 22, 2013 2:24 pm

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Name - Richard McCleary

Rank - Veteran

Age - 42

Visual Appearance - Richard is middle-aged, well built man. He has a shaven scalp and a 5'oclock shadow, his face is slightly wrinkled but is well covered by his developing beard.

Scars - Richard has a scar on his upper arm which he had had since childhood.

Tattoos - Richard has "FUCK" tattooed on his right hand knuckles and "HARD" on his left hand knuckles, He has the words "Skin Head" on his neck. The numbers 88 are tattoed on the back of Richard's Left wrist which represent the letter H in the alphabet (HH = Heil Hitler). He has a teardrop below his right-eye which represents his long term imprisonment during his earlier life. Finally, Richard has the 2 lightning bolts of the German SS on the inside of his left arm, representing his loyalty to Nazism.

Known Affiliations - The Pirates MC & The Aryan Resistance.
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