[Arson/Fire] A small cabin burnt down by the river, Flint County

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[Arson/Fire] A small cabin burnt down by the river, Flint County

Post by Sly on Fri May 17, 2013 10:09 am

Clay Powell


Video clip captured by an on-looker.
Red County Forest Department had a disturbing call from one of the lumberjack mill owners from the hill, about him witnessing large clouds of smoke raising up from one of the lower parts of the mountains. Forest department when reporting on scene, informed the County fire department- who rushed to the scene in about half hours. Sadly fire had already done the damage to the cabin, there was nothing much left of it but just few cracked down wooden logs of the roof cracking down. The whole cabin and the surrounding turned into a large pile of ash. The whole thing turned into almost non-existent thing. The mill owner claimed to have overheard several harley bikes passing around the area, making roaring sounds, biker's involvement has not been confirmed as it was near by a busy freeway, and they could be simply passing by.


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