Tucker Manson - Pirate

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Tucker Manson - Pirate

Post by Tucker Manson on Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:02 am

Name : Tucker Manson

Age : 20

Visual Appearance : Middle aged, medium sized guy with a angry face. Always wearing the helmet and glasses.

Tattoos : PIRATES MC tattooed over his back just below his neck, with a small Live fast Die young tattoo on his left side of the chest and a bigger three headed tattoo of two skulls with devil horn's and one bigger skull of a crimson ghost also with devil horn's; 666 surrounding the tattoo.

Scars : No scars on my pretty face or body, yet. But a back tooth is missing since my initiation fight in the ring at the clubhouse.

Accessories : Helmet specially made from carbon fibers, on it saying: Dont shoot me and on the back a Pirate MC logo. Normal black glasses.

Tucker Manson

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