[06/06/2013] LST Online - "Full Speed Ahead with LSPD Raids"

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[06/06/2013] LST Online - "Full Speed Ahead with LSPD Raids"

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Flip wrote:
[size=150]Full Speed Ahead with LSPD Raids[/size][size=85]Writer: Nicholas Auerbach - Editor: -/- - Published: 6th of June, 2013[/size]

[align=justify]Police have turned out in force for a suspected drug raid in Verdants Bluff believed to be linked to the Pirates motorcycle club. Police Officers and several police dogs carried out raid on several houses in the area which is situated behind Cityhall in Los Santos.

A man believed to be a prospect of the Pirates Motorcycle Club stood outside the house donning his denim sleeveless jacket that had no visible full patch – But had the top rocker stating the biker gang that he rode with.

Once the Probationary period has passed, members of motorcycle gangs are allowed to wear the full uniform including logo patch. The Pirates Motorcycle Club’s Logo features a Skull with a bandana on its head and the words “Brothers until Death” underneath.

Just last week, police alleged that another member of the Pirates MC assaulted officers after he was pulled over in Idlewood. They claimed that a 9mm pistol was found in the assailant’s waistband but was not used in the altercations’ between the suspect and the officers.

The suspect was however bailed on Monday but will appear on Los Santos’s Magistrates court on the 14th of July.
The Pirates Motorcycle club are believed to be part of the 1 percentile that centrally involve themselves around crime and boast that they make 95 percent of their money through criminal activities which include bare-knuckle fighting, extortion and armed robbery. The Motorcycle club have most recently involved themselves in drug trafficking which is why the police have cracked down on their premises so hard.

The Motorcycle club is known to be lead by a figure known as Scorpion, this information has be obtained by the police through monitoring radio frequencies – However the individuals name were never revealed instead all of the people were related to by their tag names : Scorpion, Grease, Flucks and Flash to name but a few.

Former Pirates MC Vice-President Samuel Coleman was arrested several months ago on an assault charge after he attacked a business owner during an armed robbery. Samuel was arrested the next morning in a raid that took place at his house in Idlewood, Samuel was found to be carrying a Remington 588 with a sawn-off barrel and taped pistol grip handle aswell as a large oversized bag of cocaine believed to contain around 2 Kilograms.

Former Los Santos State-Attorney, Douglas Nelson had this to say about the Pirates MC – “The Pirates Motorcycle Club is a force that shouldn’t be taken lightly by the LSPD. They are an organised bunch who ride around on vehicles that can fit where a police vehicle cannot. The group is not weak and has chapters all over the United States that can be called together if one is in danger like a pack of lions. The only way such a high power can be brought down is from the inside, something that would take a long time to perform and in my eyes would never happen – Gangs like these should be suppressed rather than taken down. A gang working on scraps will no longer function as a gang. The LSPD need to vigilant regarding the output of this Club, because unwatched they could become a serious threat to Los Santos and its Citizens”.

The actions taken out by the LSPD today are believed to be a small section of the raids that will happen across Los Santos over the coming weeks. They will also be patrolling area’s known for a high-concentration looking for potential bikers related to the Pirates.

SAN will soon be refurbished and brought into the current decade – We will be releasing articles more often and is happy to announce the appointment of our new CEO Nicholas Auerbach. Nicholas is working his hardest to make SAN the best company it can. First of which will be our weekly quiz, check back each week to earn yourself - 1 MILLION DOLLARS.[/align]



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