[Homicide] Dead body found, Market gas station [18+]

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[Homicide] Dead body found, Market gas station [18+]

Post by Sly on Fri May 17, 2013 10:10 am

Clay Powell

Early morning, John Morrow, a street cleaner and driver of the garbage truck[S94] spotted a dead body laying between the dumpsters around the block from the Market gas station. The deadbody was found in rather disturbing condition. The homicide detective on the scene claimed that according to forensics reports the dead body was not actually murdered here, but was actually dumped. The actual crime scene is yet to be discovered. The identity of the body yet remains unknown. The body was found stripped naked, bruised and cut at several places. The body showed signs of torture or interrogation. The individual appearing to be into his mid 20's had his privates parts cut off and stuck to his back of his head with a knife which had emblem of a skull on it. The expert in the field claims that it could be one of the methods of someone sending a message to someone by the traditional term 'Knife to the skull'. Further details remains unclear about this incident. According to our unofficial sources the body had actual signs of brutal sexual abuse, down at it's private parts before they were cut off, signs of black metal colours chips and gunpowder were found into anal region of the dead body. Few of the people claimed to have witnessed a black van speeding off with no plates from the scene at early hours.


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